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Kids Classes

 Capoeira is a fun sport for kids because they are challenged in different ways during class: They learn self defence, acrobatic movements, music, working together and much more. Request a FREE trial class for your kid!


We offer affordable Capoeira classes for kids in Amsterdam in different parts of the city. This way you can always find a class that is close by! We want to make sure and stay accessible for everyone.

Capoeira Amsterdam Noord kids


Monday, 15.30 - 16.30 Volendammerweg 160

Capoeira voor kinderen Amsterdam Zuidoost


Tuesday, 16.30 - 17.30 Klateringpad 1

Capoeira Amsterdam zuid voor kinderen


Wednesday, 16.00 -17.00 Verbindingstraat 2

Capoeirabeweging kinderen


Sunday, 11.00 - 12.30 Lekstraat 33A

What do kids learn at Capoeira?

During our kids classes, children are introduced to all elements of capoeira such as movement, music, self-defense, acrobatics and more.

Capoeira is good for the development of children. It is a sport where they can really be themselves and develop their talents. Capoeira gives every child space to learn in their own way and to find their strengths. It also helps develop motor skills, build physical strength and teaches children to work together.

Stadspas capoeirales

 You can train for free using the StadsPas of Jeugdfonds Sport. Send us a message for more info!

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Benefits of Capoeira

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Classes for adults

Read more about our Capoeiraclasses for adults. We also offer classes for all ages where you can train with the whole family!